Izinketho ze icicidirect zokuhweba - Icicidirect zokuhweba

Prepaid Card Value ( ), Delivery Brokerage rates, Intra- day Brokerage rates ( Margin / Margin plus / Futures). Note : All existing customers as well as new customers who have recently opened accounts are requested to note that there is a change in brokerage rates/.

Verify the security certificate by clicking on the padlock icon of your. Quarterly Equity/ Derivatives Transaction Statements are available on our site.

1 Require Equity/ Derivatives / Mutual Fund Transaction statement. Never update, store or save your ICICIdirect User ID & Password on third party websites.

Choose from 7 different plans as per your need. A Charges for Opening 3 in 1 Account.

Information: One time Account Opening Charges of Rs. Izinketho ze icicidirect zokuhweba.

975/ - ; There are no maintenance charges for I Direct Account.