Ukuqonda izinketho zokuhweba izinketho - Izinketho zokuhweba

Ukuqonda follows a four- pronged approach to impact on learning mathematics, science and technology in schools and are involved in various projects. The Ukuqonda Institute ( registration no / 026363/ 08) was founded in August as a regrouping and consolidation of ongoing work within the Centre for.
Ukuqonda, as its name ( which means “ to understand” ) implies, focuses strongly on learning with conceptual understanding and the development of key. Ukuqonda Institute promotes excellence in the fields of Mathematics, Physical Science, Technology and Literacy education at all education levels in Southern.
Ukuqonda izinketho zokuhweba izinketho. The books were developed and published by The Ukuqonda Institute with the participation of the Department of Basic Education of South Africa ( DBE) with.